Spain and Alicante as tourism destinations

Zapraszamy na wykład gościny prof. Marco Celdran Bernabeu z Universytetu de Alicante nt "Spain and Alicante as tourism destinations".  Wykład odbędzie się 4 kwietnia 2018 o godzinie 9.45 w sali 3.112.



Marco A. Celdrán Bernabeu

Universidad de Alicante

Researcher at the Institute for Tourism Research (University of Alicante). Associate Professor in the Department of Regional Geography (University of Alicante). Currently teaches “World regional geography” and “Tourism resources” (Degree in Geography and Degree in Tourism). His main working line is focused on destination planning and management at local areas, paying special attention to the application of ICTs and the configuration of smart tourism destinations.


Spain and Alicante as toursim destination

- The development of tourism in Spain

- The Spanish Tourism Model: main features

- Key issues and trends